"The Bumblebee" 1 Year Plan

The Bumblebee Local Honey Subscription Plan 12 Months

"The Bumblebee" 1 Year Plan

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If you enjoy 2 jars 340g jar of honey a month then “The Bumblebee” is the perfect honey plan for you. An ordinary purchase of a 340g jar of honey would normally cost you £6.30. But with “The Bumblebee” plan you will get 17% off your delicious jar of unblended local British Honey as well as a special reduced delivery rate if you choose to have your honey delivered straight to your door.

You will also receive a few little mystery gifts on your third and seventh box, such as samples of new products or limited edition harvests that we don’t usually sell on our shop. You will also receive a special little extra at Christmas.

Tailor your plan to work for you and your household’s taste, do you only want runny or soft set honey? Or do you want us to send you a mixed box?

The way you receive our honey will differ depending on when you sign up for "The Bumblebee" plan. If you put your order in within the first and second week of the month then we will send out your first box straight away and then your subsequent 11 boxes will be sent out within the first week of each following month.

If you put your order in within the third or fourth week of the month then after sending out your initial box, we will skip the following month and then commence sending your 11 boxes within the first week of each month.

We can also make other arrangements if you wish, such as delaying your next box for a month if you're on holiday, just get in touch with our team, we'd be happy to help you!

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