We are honeybee farmers based in Andover, Hampshire. We have over 250 honey production colonies and over 700 nucleus production colonies sited in apiaries across the county. We not only sell our delicious local honey, we also sell live bees, mated queens and the associated beekeeping equipment and supplies which you can find on our sister site.

Becky's Beezzzs was born out of a passion that we share for honey bees.  Even now with over 900 colonies to look after, we still find ourselves fascinated by the honeybees ability to adapt and grow in our ever changing climate and environment. Our business has slowly grown organically with the addition of seasonal workers and an apprentice under the Rowse Honey Apprenticeship Scheme. 

As a small team we hope to share the incredible passion that we have for our honeybees by bringing a personal, handmade touch to our honey. From hive to jar each frame of honey is extracted with care, labelled and stored to ensure that each jar of honey you buy is unblended and different from the next jar you buy from us.

Every member of the team loves and cares for our bees like they are their own, and we love to share this in our outreach talks to local schools in addition to conducting a small amount of practical experience days throughout the season. 


Here at Becky's Beezzzs we're extremely lucky to have cultivated a uniquely diverse team from different backgrounds and walks of life. We believe our differences allow us to learn a lot from each other, not just out in the field but personally too (we do get stuck in the truck for long periods of time with each other). And despite our differences we all have one thing in common:

Our love for honeybees!


Director & Office Manager

I have always been an outdoorsy person but my career in publishing found me stuck in an office, working in logistics, a job I enjoyed but with only my weekends to enjoy the outdoors.  I decided to leave the corporate world after becoming pregnant with my second son Jake.

I took up beekeeping as a hobby after becoming fixated on, ironically the actual logistics of honey production. The business grew naturally out of this hobby and by the time my youngest son was at school we were looking to take on extra hands to help run things.

I am also heavily involved with The Bee Farmer's Association.  I am very passionate about outreach, I feel privileged to be working with honey bees.


Retired Director

I first had bees when I was just 20 (which was a very long time ago!).  Becky and I founded the company together back in 2011, we started out with just 31 colonies between us.

I no longer work the bees but I am still very much invested in the business.  I am often called upton to help when it comes to moving large numbers bees as they say I am the only one that can reverse the large trailer!


Head Beekeeper

I started my career in Canada where I did an apprenticeship before returning to the UK.   I continued to work with bees up in Scotland, producing heather honey and nucleus's.  

Here at Beckys Beezzzs I oversee everything to do with bees. 

"We are so pleased to have Emily with us, her love for honey bees is amazing, and she is a wonderful teacher.!


Honey Production Beekeeper

I have worked with  honey bees for many years both in the UK and abroad.  I spent a lot of time working for a very large bee farmer in Scotland and made the move to Beckys Beezzzs a few years ago to work seasonnaly.  

"We are so pleased to have her Nika on board and look forward to a good season working together and having fun.


Office Manager

If you call our landline you will most likely be talking to me. Although when I started here I didn't know anything about honey  bees and believe me there was a lot to learn.  I love my job here, and we have some wonderful customers.  I may not get out to see the bees very often but we always have bees in the office!! I do know a lot about honey and will be pleased to help you with your orders. 

"We are so pleased to have Lis on board, she brings such fun to the office, especially mid season, when chaos reigns as everyone is so busy with bees!"


Office Mascots

Roxy always manages to bring a smile to everyone's face, she is the most invaluable member of the team! 

Lola is loved by all, she is the cutest, most mischievous spaniel you will every meet.  She is so quick and into everything and thinks every moment of the day is play time!