Mini Jars of Honey 42.5g

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Mini Jars of Honey 42.5g

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Our honey is multi floral as we have bees foraging on a variety of wild and farmed plants.  The different nectar sources vary the colour of honey so our honey ranges from light golden to quite dark through the season. We never blend our honey so each jar has a slightly unique flavour which is what our customers love about it.

We offer both runny honey and soft set Honey. Unlike the granulated honey, soft set stays in a consistency similar to that of butter, it is very easy & convenient to use. Many people think of Runny Honey as the traditional way of buying honey but the truth is that all honey starts out runny just like the bees eat it, but overtime it will granulate, the granulation time varies depending on the nectar source.

We are often asked if our honey is raw or pasteurised.   The answer is that or honey is as natural as if the bees were eating it in the hive. We cold extract, course strain and we do not tamper with it.  

These mini jars hold 42.5g of honey and they make perfect small gifts for that special occasion.  We also supply these as wedding favours.  Please contact us for quote for large numbers, we can do alternative labels to suit your colour scheme or supply them unlabelled if preferred. 

Honey is best kept in cupboard at normal room temperature. Never store in the fridge.

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