Borage Cut Comb

Borage Cut Comb Tilted

Borage Cut Comb

We are often asked if our honey is raw or pasteurised. The answer is that or honey is as natural as if the bees were eating it in the hive.  We cold extract and course strain and we do not heat treat our honey or tamper with it.  Most of our honey is multifloral but we are lucky enough to be able to harvest a limited amount of monofloral borage honey each year. This brilliant blue flower is also known as the star flower, an homage to their wonderful flower's shape and is heralded to have many holistic benefits aside from producing an irresistible nectar for our bees. 

Borage is uniquely light in colour and has a delicate and floral taste. Sweet and delicious, mix with your tea, put on your cheeseboard or top your pancakes with a generous chunk.

Prefer to drizzle your honey? Have a look at our 227g jars of Borage Honey.

Weights do vary, the average weight this harvest per box is 160g.

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