Ling Heather Cut Comb

Ling Heather Cut Comb Tilted

Ling Heather Cut Comb

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Heather honey has a unique flavour and consistency unlike other honeys. It has a strong almost perfumy aroma and taste. It makes a wonderful accompaniment to strong cheeses, is great on toast and with cereals like Weetabix!

Our Heather Cut Comb is foraged for by our honeybees that are taken to the New Forest each year to forage on the ling heather. Cut comb from the heather really is a beautiful way to eat honey, it is so completely natural, cut straight from the comb you cannot get any more raw or natural than that.

We take our bees to the New Forest every year for the heather but nectar flow on heather is very unpredictable and often the harvest is poor, in some years we sell out before the next harvest.

Weights do vary, the average weight of this harvest per box is 190g

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