Twin Honey Giftpack

Honey Twin Gift

Twin Honey Giftpack

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Our beautiful environmentally friendly twin giftpack makes a lovley gift for the honey or honeybee lover.

Our runny honey is multi floral as we have bees foraging on a variety of wild and farmed plants.  The different nectar sources vary the colour of honey so our honey ranges from light golden to quite dark throughout the season. We never blend our honey so each jar has a slightly unique flavour which is what our customers love about it. 

Our soft set honey is made using a honey that has a fine crystal and controls how the honey will granulate. Instead of becoming crystallised the honey is creamed for hours making a velvety smooth, buttery and spreadable honey - perfect on toast or pancakes! The seed we use is usually rapeseed honey that we harvest as an early spring crop, it has a naturally high glucose content meaning that it is perfect to use in soft set honey. 

Get the best of both worlds with our Honey Twin gift pack consisting of two 227g jars of honey, one runny and one soft set. All of our honey is produced by our incredible honeybee colonies that are managed by our small, but passionate team of beekeepers. From harvesting to jarring every step is handled with the utmost care and pride to put forth this incredible jar of honey that our colonies have worked so hard to produce.

We cold extract, then coarse strain our honey as soon as we have removed the supers from our colonies. 

Perfect for birthdays, Christmas and Mother's Day or just to say thank you to someone!

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