Beeswax Christmas Tree Candle

100% Pure Beeswax Christmas Tree Candle

Beeswax Christmas Tree Candle

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Our beautiful Christmas Tree Candle is made from 100% beeswax that our own honey bees have made. Our beeswax is a natural by product of our honey extraction process, we don't buy in any beeswax or take any frames away just to produce more beeswax. We fine filter our molten beeswax through a fine mesh to remove any impurities to leave us with liquid gold.

We then hand pour our beeswax into mould in our office to leave us with this wonderful skep candle. 

A beautiful gift for anyone who loves bees and wants a natural alternative to paraffin wax candles. We don't do anything else to our candles, they already have a wonderful, subtle sweet aroma. 

Approximate candle size: 4" x 2" (10cm x 5cm). Approx. 9 hours burning time.

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